Yahoo! to! buy! Skype!

James Enck on his EuroTelco Blog has been giving coverage to the Yahoo! buying Skype rumour that Engadget has also been reporting about. This would make a very interesting purchase and would put Skype on a hell of a lot more desktops than it is already.

However it appears Yahoo! already has a deal with BT to use them as a VOIP carrier for Yahoo! IM voice traffic. What will Yahoo! do? Maybe they can buy off BT by using them as a backbone carrier. They can still move forward with this even with the BT deal. Afterall they bought Flickr even when they had their own photo sharing application created.

Lots of negative comments on the Engadget blog about it. Many don’t want a Yahoo! bastardisation of their smiple Skype interface. Expect this rumour to grow for another while before Yahoo! comments, if the Flickr purchase is anything to go by.

UPDATE: Om Malik gives his views.

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