Going Postal Code

A lot of interesting thoughts online now at the moment in regards to the post code system which the DCMNR wants to roll out.

Antoin weighs in with his thoughts. Antoin has been monitoring and commenting on this for a long time now. Good analysis going on.

A chapie on boards.ie Gives his views and provides an insight into the An Post sorting system. Bureaucracy gone mad. I love his analogy.

Tesco deciding to implement a huge optical scanning system that can recognise products by reading their full lables rather than a cheap fast laser that reads the barcode on the bottom.

United Irelander thinks it’s a bad idea though doesn’t give any concrete reasons as to why apart from cost. But doing everything in Government costs money, and if they brought in a policy of remaining static we’d see this would too cost even more.

Gerry O’Sullivan thinks it’s a good idea too. For courier companies it will be a godsend. Right now An Post are at an advantage in that the knowledge about a lot of locations seems to be only contained in the heads of the local postmen. That’s not a good way of running a business. It’s the mindset of a monopolist.

Other applications for postcodes would be an Irish version of Fax your MP. It would also make things a hell of a lot easier for Wireless companies that want to do site surveys.

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