Back to the blogging thing

After a week of meetings in Dublin for IrelandOffline it’s time to start getting back into blog reading and blogging.


Podish is an idea from Liam Burke which allows Irish people to podcast and not worry about where to upload their content or worry about paying for it. Blurb:

Podish involves Irish people embracing podcasting without having to pay to upload their items, all they need is their mobile phone. The mobile allows people to easily record an item/issue in the news that they want to express their opinion on, or maybe be adventurous and interview somebody or do a sound seeing tour of their town area. The possibilities are endless.

Podish will make a nice edition to the sphere. Would be handy if it could get some space on a sidebar on Planet of the Blogs.

Keeping to the Podcasting theme Tom Coates talks about the much anticipated BBC podcasts and how the BBC has put up an easy guide to podcasting up on their site.

My own opinions on podcasting is that it’s a fascinating area of citizenship jouranlism and we’ll see this become more popular. It’s very rough right now and I’m sure it could evolve into something more complex or quite different. What I’d like to see is people able to upload their own podcasts as audio comments to news stories on websites along with a written summary or transcript of what they saw. Stick in a few tags too while we’re at it for the tagging enthusiasts.

Speaking of tags, Feedster are adding the ability for readers to add tags in their feeds. Handy to see a “Tag This” form at the end of posts on some blogs. It doesn’t feed into technorati though. I’m sure a little bit of greasemonkeying might allow interaction with technorati or

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