I’d just like to be in line when they find the guy responsible for cancelling it.

Ben Hammersely discovers FireFly and like everyone else that’s sat down and watched it, he loves it. He gives a very English review too

It is, as you all know, fucking brilliant. I mean, really. It’s about as far down my personal trousers as a tv show can get. A Futuro-Sino-Cowboy aesthetic, with courtesans and gunfights? Hold me.

Damned right. My mother was pissed cos they cancelled it. That’s how big an audience reach it has. I look forward to the movie.

Kind of on the same theme. Well no not really. A cool project using jars of artificial fireflies. Shake the jar, the “fireflies” come to life and get noticed by the other fireflies in the other jars. Sweet.

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