Quick links for Friday May 13th

Nokia comes up with the sensor idea. 2 years or more after bringing out bluetooth they come up with this? What’s the big deal? This is very very unimpressive. A belated welcome to 2002 there lads.

Fold a dollar bill into a shirt. Can it be done with Euros?

Dutch comedy duo who make good use of props. Work safe.

Firefox and Thundebird for USB memory sticks. Handy for net cafes and college computer labs.

Bad Wolf in Doctor Who. Just what does it mean?

Students make their own audio tour guides for museums. This would make a really interesting project.

Noka Zoo Watch. Very sexy.

Christian Telco telling you how evil AT&T are. Scary when you think about it. “United American Technologies: Okay. Verizon, what they do is they train their employees to accept the gay and lesbian lifestyle.”

Fandom shows that file sharing can create “gained fans” not “lost customers”

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