Bollixitician – More and more of em

What is a bollixitician ? Well I suppose it’s a professional who talks bollox and puts a PC/politico like slant on it. It’s bad enough that our politicians have become adept at non-apologies and answering questions with answers to their own questions but now it is creeping into other realms. We’re seeing it more and more in business, it started with big players doing it as they had whole PR Departments behind them, but now it is trickling down to SMEs and even one man operations. It’s only going to frustrate the general population more.

What’s fun is that it is going to backfire, it’ll reach a tipping point and then people will be shit sick of all this. The people who are going to avail of the backlash are those into open, frank conversations with people. Who be they ? Bloggers I think. Companies and SMEs who start availing now of Blogging and open conversations with customers and people in general will outlast the rest with their 30 person PR team.

Let’s hope that the Blogging for Business Talk in Cork can convince people of this.

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