NYTimes – Transparency and better interaction

Gaining Confidence: NY Times releases a key report

Summary of recommendations:

    1. Encourage the executive editor and two managing editors to share responsibility for writing a regular column that deals with matters concerning the paper.

    2. Make reporters and editors more easily available through email.

    3. Use the Web to provide readers with complete documents used in stories as well as transcripts of interviews.

    4. Consider creating a Times blog that promotes interaction with readers.

    5. Further curtail the use of anonymous sources.

    6. Encourage reporters to confirm the accuracy of articles with sources before publication and to solicit feedback from sources after publication.

    7. Set up an error-tracking system to detect patterns and trends.

    8. Encourage the development of software to detect plagiarism when accusations arise. 9. Increase coverage of middle America, rural areas and religion.

    10. Establish a system for evaluating public attacks on The Times’ work and determining whether and how to respond.

Jarvis comments about it here.

If the NYTimes becomes more transparent and starts interacting more with its readership, it can only be a good thing. This is the same kind of thinking as those that wrote Murdoch’s speech a few weeks back. Working with the new revolutionists not against them is the way to go.

Meanwhile Wired had its own investigation of itself.

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