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Via BoingBoing comes details of songs created from speech samples from George Bush. george Bush sings Imagine and Sunday Bloody Sunday. It’d be nice to see more of this in the arena as we get closer to the next Irish general election. Hopefully we’ll have our own EFI/EFF up and running by then as well as an Irish version of They Work for You. I’d happily donate a few hundred quid for something like that.

Speaking of EFF, Danny O’Brien is the new Activist Co-ordinator for the EFF. He’ll still be writing his Irish Times piece though and doing NTK.

And in RSS news The BBC is going all out RSS ka-razy after the general election. Pete Clifton, editor of the BBC News website gave a summary:
So in May we’ll be happy for outside websites to dip in and take our headlines. We’re also adding new feeds, like one with the most recently published stories, and still to come will be an RSS search telling you when reports have been published about particular topics you are interested in.

May sound a bit much to get your head around, but it’s the way ahead for lots of people. In March, we registered 16.5 million click-throughs to reports from RSS feeds, and our target is 10% of our traffic driven by RSS by the end of this year.

Come on RTE, get the party started !

[EDIT 11-11-05] Hello to BBC readers than came from this article.

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