Buster, Landmines and other videos

That famous Buster the Rabbit episode that the US Secretary of Education condemned as the Rabbit met a kid with two lesbian moms. PBS withdrew it but you can download it online now. Download and distribute.


The above is a clip from an anti-landmine ad that TV stations in America refuse to air. The ad opens with a scene of idyllic suburban tranquility. A young family cheers on their daughter who has just scored a goal in her soccer match when she suddenly, violently explodes. Chaos consumes the scene while the mother of the victim shrieks hysterically and her father cradles her lifeless body. A simple graphic reads: “If there were landmines here, would you stand for landmines anywhere? Help the U.N. eradicate landmines everywhere. View landmine clip here. or Get the torrent. Found this on World Changing and Boing Boing.

minicouch.jpg Another lot of Public Service Announcements are ones dealing with AIDS in Russia. Again found on Worldchanging, these ads are really well done and should be downloaded and distributed. HalfCity deals with a city missing so many people as a result of HIV/AIDS. Kutuzovsky, shows AIDS is like a traffic jam, it doesn’t discriminate. Old City shows a city where only old people are left. It ends with the caption “4 out of 5 Russians living with HIV today are under 30.”

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