Citywide Wireless Cat and Mouse Game to be held in Dublin

WaveHunt is a high-tech treasure hunt using a moving wireless computer network, with a first prize of two hundred euro!

Claiming a first for Ireland, this new wireless network tracking competition will be witnessed in Dublin City on Saturday, March 5th. Inspired by a similar event in Las Vegas, WaveHunt is a fun event for Ireland’s technical community that will test their network and direction finding skills.

A cross between orienteering and a manhunt, entrants will be armed only with a laptop, which will serve as a compass enabling them to follow the person carrying a wireless access point. Once entrants are close enough, they will receive a series of clues leading to the identity of the carrier. The entrant with the fastest time in registering the identity of the carrier wins the first prize.

RedBrick committee member Charlie Von Metzradt, organiser of this game commented, “We’re hoping to get as many people as possible to come out and play this game. It tests an individuals with and fitness while incorporating modern technology in the shape of a PDA/laptop and wireless card.”

Kindly sponsored by Esat BT, WaveHunt is being run by RedBrick (DCU’s Networking Society) as part of Tech Week in DCU which has various groups and societies running events and talks that are IT related. WaveHunt is adding a physical dimension to these events. Individuals and teams, including companies are all encouraged to the partake in this, its inaugural year.

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