Hughtrain – The Ignorance Premium

A site that daily has something posted on it that makes you go “Jesus yeah, that makes so much sense”. Hugh says “Know diddly-squat about tailoring? Then you’re more likely to pay that extra $300 for that Armani, less likely to save $600 from going with the old man in Chinatown. “ Very true and now the net is changing that and at a rapid pace as Hugh reminds us with great examples almost daily. With book reviews and the likes on Amazon and comparison shopping sites powered by individuals and not marketing companies, old style marketing is dead on arrival.

Best thing about the net is you can’t get away with the shite you’d get away with in the non-digital world. Fucked over by a company ? stick it in your blog and Google has a record of it for life, chances are you link up with others who have experienced the same. Now you are some mini-activist group, all without expending many resources. Certainly makes the playing pitch a bit more equal. The Corporate voice and an individual voice are a lot more equal online.

Like every voice had the ability to be heard online, so does every taste. With the long tail idea it means even the most obscure books and cds can be made available and still be worth selling.

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