It’s been a while

Had loads to post and then my pc crashed so lost loads of links.

Bjork the Pirate. Yarr ! Great interview with this unqiue human.

Economist reviews the Book “Company of Strangers”.

Furl – Online bookmark thing. Kinda like I guess. Just started using it and testing it.

Lycos specific search for forums and discussions. Results aren’t too bad. Minor UI tweaks are needed.

LiveJournal Attention Whoring

Gridcosm. I really love these art applications. There is going to be a fascinating future the more art and tech blend and morph together. Here’s the blurb:

How it works: Each level of Gridcosm is made up of nine(9) square images arranged into a 3×3 grid. The middle image is a one-third size version of the previous level. Artists add images around that center image until a new 3×3 grid is completed, then that level itself shrinks and becomes the “seed” for the next level. This process creates an ever expanding tunnel of images, the newest level a direct result of the previous level which is a result of the previous level… and so on.

Tricks of the trade. Various tradespeople disclose some of their tricks. Some interesting bits. I like how if you use the word “rendered” instead of coloured the architect could charge four times as much.

Nintendo Underwear. Just so WRONG.

Meeting Point. I mentioned before a Gaydar for phones thing. Looks like someones made a start on it.

Bunny of the Month. Bit pricey for €35 a month but well creepy/cool.

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