360 Degreee Camera

Interesting 360 degree camera.
Ovnipan is a circular pinhole camera that has six pinholes equally spaced around its periphery, thus covering all 360º of the scene. The film plane is an inner cylinder that covers a panoramic format of 6 x 18cm. The shutter is the white plastic cylinder that forms the outside of the camera. All six pinholes are uncovered simultaneously, when the shutter is rotated.

Overqualified. This guy writes letters to recruiters asking for jobs and saying why he is suitable for the position. I think I’d like to try this with some recruiters in Ireland. I’ll add it to my to-do list and post up results if I get going on this project.

TypoGenerator. Type in some words. It does a google image search, randomly chooses pictures from the result, plays with them and gives you back something new. This is tech art.

Wink , a handy presentation application. Free for personal and corporate use. No more powerpoint. I can see some e-learning company acquiring this software.

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