Loads and loads of links

Jared Buckhiester Art Drawings, Photography and T-Shirts. Not sure would I presently fork out $84 for a T-Shirt. I’d consider it if it was a really good one and a rare one. His art has been described as slightly homoerotic.

For those too lazy to search for an answer.

The Naropa University online audio arhcive. This includes Ginsberg doing a reading of Howl. Has lots of William S. Burroughs lectures and talks too. Interesting stuff.

How to make Firefox even faster.

Signal Orange – anti Iraq war site. Well not so much anti but a way to highlight the total disregard to life that the Bush administration has for their own soldiers. It’s a good idea. Get a cause noticed by wearing bright orange t-shirts which are highly visible. Get everyone to turn up at any and all events where theres press coverage. Before long people will know what the t-shirts represent. This could be done in Ireland for some other campaign…

Powdered Alcohol. Not taxed in America either. So many applications…

Art of Maggie Taylor. Using a scanner and photo editing software. Some good work.

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