Cafe Paradiso

My first time in a Vegetarian Restaurant last night unless you class the Quay Coop as a Restaurant. Cafe Paradiso is a really nice restaurant despite the lack of meat. Got some Mushroom thing as the main meal, wasn’t very impressed with it !

Not enough infusion of flavours, just mushrooms and some mash. In fairness the mash was the best I’ve tasted but the mushrooms were just that, they tasted like any other mushrooms.

The service was excellent though. And the waitress was so sweet and gorgeous too. All places should have staff like that. We got organic lemonade and it was brought out in cans. BIG NO NO. An effort should have been made.

The deserts were definetly delicous and divine. Blood orange sorvet covered in white chocolate. Yum.

Price overall was on the cheeky side but everything was organic. I’d go again. The company was good too though. It made the night.

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