Back from London

London once again impressed me. The last time I was over there was 2 years ago and I saw a bit more of it this time. I’ll be going back again soon I think.

The city or Metropolis as Kevin called it is full of beautiful buildings and the people are actually quite friendly for a city of its size. Theres a massive amount of culture in London and England itself seems to care about it. Maybe the average joe soap doesn’t give too much thought but governments and organisations such as the BBC do. Moreso I think than Ireland. Nothing in comparison to the Icelanders who all seem to care about culture.


Went to the Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery. The Weather Project was pretty cool. Set inside the giant turbine hall you can lie on the ground and stare up at the “sky” which is a ceiling with mirrors that seem to move slightly.

The Tate is huge and has a fuckload of contemporary art, some good, some utter shit and some fantastic. However for me I enjoyed the Saatchi Gallery more. Some good Damien Hirst stuff and theres this picture of Myra Hindley by Marcus Harvey thats unnerving. Its her famous black and shite police photo and its made up of black and white kids handprints. Theres also fab lifelike works by Ron Muek

The London Eye is also impressive and the Millenium Bridge. All in all its a lovely place and their transport system is so efficient and so easy. If Dublin had decided back in the 60s to build an underground like London it would be a different city today. It would be more internationally known and respected.

2 Responses to “Back from London”

  1. Kevin says:

    Yeah, London is the favourite city (metropolis :-p) I’ve visited. 8 million people and the place runs smoothly and retains its beauty. Compare that to the mess that is Dublin.

  2. adam says:

    One of my sigs…

    Politicians are people who lie to the press and then believe what they read. (Will Durst)