I’m getting my shit together


Figured out some stuff over the past few days. Things I need to do and all that. Some stuff I need to do is embarassing, others are going to involve emotional pain and some things are going to be plain nasty. I’m very comfortable right now with my life but I think I may be too comfortable.

The western world is too pampered. The drive for a lot of us is gone, or it never occured. Jesus this sounds like fight club but its true, we are lost in the new world. But as well as that television tells us we can be joe millionaire and to strive to be a statistic beater and be a movie star or a popstar, but then if we fail they don’t want to know about it. Its all or nothing and when 99% of us nothings realise we won’t be the 1% what happens ?

We as a group can probably change the world by each doing something small in combination with everyone else if we were motivated, but we are too comfortable and we are too used to being allowed to not push ourselves. I think society is slowing down and I wonder will it stop and die under its own fat lazy weight.

So, maybe I should leave this society or react against it ? No wonder so many people escape using drinks and drugs.

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