Romance is dead

I was asked a few minutes ago to describe my ideal date. Please get your sick bags ready cos you will throw up 🙂 …

A gourment restaurant by the sea, during the summer when it stays bright to almost 11pm. We’d enjoy the meal in a quiet quaint restaurant, there’d be candles and the place would be gas lit.

There’d be a fire there too, gently burning. The stuff there would be unobstrusive leaving us enjoy the meal and barely disturbing us. Nice relaxing music would play in the background but wouldn’t be too loud.

After the meal we’d leave the restaurant and walk along the beach outside, the breeze would be slightly cool but refreshing. We’d walk along the beach holding hands. At the end of the walk we’d be met with someone with a champagne in a bucket of ice and two glasses. We’d sit down and take in the beach in the moonlight listening to the waves crashing in and then I’d kiss you.

One Response to “Romance is dead”

  1. Brian says:

    As long as it’s not cheap assed champagne…