Christmas Cleanup

So over this Christmas Holiday Season when I have been getting fatter and unhealthier I did a slight spring cleaning of my domains.

So as it stands I own the following domains.: Have an idea but not the time to develop it. Needs a good DB designer for it to work. This started as a satirical website for buying human organs online but now its Kevins weblog.

Corkonia – Cork City Website Not sure what I was going to do with this site to be honest. It was going to be a directory site or a tourism site or something. Might keep the name for another while. I was thinking actually of creating a website for people doing their driving test and have maps of the various routes they take you on for the test. Could be a handy resource. The website would be payed for by advertising the local driving instructors.

Digihive This was going to be the site for my online business, whatever the fuck that was going to be. I just host subdomains off it now.

DodgyList – All things Dodgy. A guy at work has a “dodgy” list where he basically mails out links to soft porn and pics of babes to a load of people. He really does email out some quality stuff. I used to post these links in a private forum on but its a private forum so I set up dodgylist for uploading pics and sending out links. I need to develop it further though.
lgbyouth/glbyouth – Irish Gay Teen Website I want to set up a resource site for Irish Gay Teens. Well irish Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered and Questioning teens. Theres no resource for Irish teens like this and I feel something like this is needed. If the site only every gets read by one person but they find it useful then it was worth it. I need to sit down and work on this soon. I’ve left it too too long.

Nicecock Its just a website with a picture of a male bird, as in a Cock. You know, the opposite to a hen. I think I’ll expand it a bit more and create a CafePress Shop to sell t-Shirts and stuff.

Peoples Republic Of Cock Its a piss take of the Peoples Republic of Cork, or was meant to be so but I think I might just make it a piss take of Cork itself. Make it all official looking apart from the name. I’d like to see how far up the Google Rankings it would get when a search for Cock is entered.

The Mulley Family Group of sites:
We have – Mulley Genealogy and These all need to be developed by me too.

Damn I have too many domains. *sigh*.

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