Google now moves into Irc

The boys are at it again. This weblog is talking about Google IRC Bots joining quite a few channels. I liked someones comment comparing it to Carnivore. Google could quite easily be a version of Carnivore. Its indexed all available information out there and its logging every search we make, and with that famous cookie of theres its profiling you too.

Going into the realm of IRC could mean a few things. Maybe they’ll offer bots for searches, theres tonnes of them out there already but maybe they want a professional one to represent them. Maybe they are logging all urls pasted in a channel to see what fresh links are out there. Google does like to stay fresh afterall. Or maybe this will be a tie in with their Google Search Appliance – I know theres talks in Knowledge Management circles of trying out Wikis and IRC channels to share information and so if the Google Appliance logged all this information it would greatly help knowledge sharing.

Well, thats one application of it. Perhaps they have a totally different use. Time as always will tell.

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