Oh its a fine life for some

While Kevins sitting on his ass growing old and doing nothing I’m up to my eye-balls with work. Been very busy lately and trying to finish work before a friday deadline and now I got landed to do a presentation. Oh yay.

2 Responses to “Oh its a fine life for some”

  1. Kevin says:

    It’s great being super-efficient 🙂

    Generally I’m able to do the work of 2 and a half people here. Luckily 2 people are out sick today, so that means I only have my own work to do and it’s grand and quiet. (yes we have people here who actually do negative amounts of work strangely enough. Seems to be with due to tying up the jobs queue sitting on their arses, and then landing me with the jobs at the last minute).

  2. Kevin says:

    ah crap, our team leader has shown up for work. Expect him to pop round to my desk later today with some of his tasks for me to do, which he couldn’t do because he was “busy” >:-(