Did I also mention I’m a fat bastard ?

Forgot to mention that I’m on a strict “calorie controlled diet” since Monday. So as well as no caffeine, alcohol and the rest theres no fatty foods and anything that tastes nice.

People are going to get worried now that I’ll turn into a Jesuit. I do have the whole power tripping thing and sadistic side too. Gods soldiers. Hmmm.


And in tech news. Amazon today has opened up searching of all the books in their catalog. They’ve apparently scanned in every word thats in the books.

I’m pretty sure the API hackers and geeks out there are going to come up with some neat unthought of uses for this. It’d be damned cool if you could rebuild a book back in its entirety by searching this. Yes I know just by using a dictionary attack this won’t work unless you could scan for a series of words and go from there.

I suppse you could do it if you were allowed to search for large sets of words. Start with a word, then build a sentence around it and see does anything match and keep on going.

I’m sure the first apps will be word frequency things. “the word ‘fuckface’ is used twice in the Douglas Coupland book ..” etc

One Response to “Did I also mention I’m a fat bastard ?”

  1. Kevin says:

    When do you start doing all your abstinence crap in a glass box above the Lee?