logs logs logs

I was alerted to these in my blog logs. See anytime you do a search for something it gets put into a log file on the server.


2003.09.26 18:22:35 Search: query for ‘***’
2003.09.26 18:22:51 Search: query for ‘***’
2003.09.26 18:23:05 Search: query for ‘***’
2003.09.26 18:23:09 Search: query for ‘***’
2003.09.26 18:23:13 Search: query for ‘***’
2003.09.26 18:23:20 Search: query for ‘boyfriend’

Hermes2.ucc.ie webproxy, so someone from the open access labs was doing a search for his name and name variations or the name of someone I used to date.

Anything you do online is logged. EVERYTHING. Its a little scary. A friend thats going to college in Dublin was telling me the computers in the labs even have keyloggers installed so they record what you do. I think thats just FUD they’re telling the freshers to keep them on their feet. Bloody great rumour to spread though.

Even if you use google to get here I know which search query was used in google or any other search engine to reach me. Its well fun to see how people happen upon here.

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