About Systema

“Systema is a realistic combat style of fighting with real-life, rather than sport, application. It involves a unique, high speed, elliptical open-hand striking system, kicking, and defense on the ground. Unlike many Asian styles, Systema has no predetermined fighting stances, but teaches you to defend yourself against attackers from any position. In addition, students are trained in the use and disarming of weapons, improvised weapons, as well as combat in non-traditional situations such as fighting from a chair or while in a car. Other courses in knife throwing, shovel fighting, executive protection and women’s sex assault defense are also taught by Russian trained experts. “

One Response to “Systema”

  1. Kevin says:

    Cool. I did karate for years but that was a load of shit, I was actually in a worse position for getting my arse kicked by a knacker afterwards. “Excuse me – could you back away so I can get into stance?”.