Maslow , damnit

Reading stuff from Joi always does the woods from trees thingy for me. One of his latest posts on how social software should be created/used to make life better for us is great. He mentioned Maslows Hierachy Of Needs in his post. I had never heard of Maslow before and now I do. Blogs are really educating me but theres too much information to handle. Firing up my news aggregator daily now I could easily spend four hours going through the content and following links and learning about new things. These four hours could have been spent doing other things, but would they have been worth it ?

What I’m finding now is that I’m using my own blog to post links to interesting things online and only half reading them with the intention of following the links on my blog when I have a spare moment and going through them properly. I guess my blog is my own to do list but its not really organised.

Oh and have a look at the comments after the post from Joi. Seriously intelligent people with great viewpoints. Wow. I’m blessed I can read all their views for free from my nice comfy seat in Cork.

3 Responses to “Maslow , damnit”

  1. Joi Ito says:

    The Net’s cool because you have to pay to have an opinion, but it’s free to read. This seems more natural than the get paid to opine and pay to consume model of traditional media. 😉 But I’m sure others would disagree.

  2. damien says:

    Yay, Joi commented on my blog. Yes dear non geeky techy people that are reading this, it *is* significant. Good point Joi btw. 🙂