bug biting

The bug is begining to bite. Just found myself leaving a website pretty quickly because it didn’t have an rss feed so I couldn’t add it to my news aggregator. Sad sad sad.

This is an interesting website: http://nanobot.blogspot.com/

2500 people have subscribed to my website instead of coming back each day. You can subscribe to the site using a feedreader or email. I'm also on Twitter. My online marketing blog might also be worth a visit. Thanks for visiting - Damien.

7 Responses to “bug biting”

  1. damien says:

    ah you got to love Firebird which when you highlight text will try and launch it besides i haven’t rtfm’s yet so gimme time

  2. Kevin says:

    This blog thing is looking pretty cool. Gotta get one myself :-)

  3. damien says:

    Oh and whoever it was that tried to hack in and guess my password, feck off !

  4. Kevin says:

    Okay, so when I said I wanted one myself, I really wanted your one ;-)

  5. bAz]-[ says:

    i`m sure u can wrap some [url] type tags round it, or use IE 6 :D

  6. Kevin says:

    rdf feeds rock

  7. damien says:

    Ok, I’ll read the fucking manual then. Well Kev you have one now. baz, yours is on the way.